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Naanera I Drama I 116' Min.


Manish is a young boy who has just lost his father and before he could deal with the grief, the elders take a decision for him, to live with his maternal uncles. As the story unfolds and time passes by, the quiet Manish gets quieter. The decisions of his job, his marriage don’t remain his own. His mother, grateful for what her brothers are doing for them, wouldn’t hear his side. He finds solace in the daughter of one of the uncles, and a young taboo love blooms. 
When Manish’s marriage is fixed, there’s an uncertainty that binds them both. One night, they’re caught together, chaos ruptures the ceiling of relations and bonds. One more decision is taken by Manish’s mother, something that would never leave the family same, another death that awaits.


Sanchay Goswami, Gareema Pareek, Anbita Pradhan, Babita Madan, Raman Krishnatrey, Altaf Khan, Nikita Verma


Writer & Director
Deepankar Prakash

Asha Dharmendra Kumar, Gulab Singh Tanwar, Naveen Garg

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