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752 Is Not A Number I Documentary I 98'Min.


Hamed, a grieving man who lost his wife and daughter in a plane crash, embarks on a journey to find closure and justice. He confronts the painful reality of not being able to say goodbye to his loved ones and decides to bring their remains back to Canada. However, his hopes for justice are shattered when he realizes the complex web of political and legal complications surrounding the case. Undeterred, Hamed becomes a warrior, fighting against governments, intelligence agencies, and indifference, while finding solace in a community of others who share his pain. As the Ukrainian conflict rages on, the question remains whether Hamed will continue his fight for justice amidst the turmoil affecting millions more victims.


Hamed Esmaelion 


Babak Payami


Babak Payami


Hooman Shams

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